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Using photo emulsion Alex produced a series of etchings that combine mono prints of found scrap with the classical image, four of which are produced here as Limited Edition Geclee prints.

He is best known though, for his iconic picture the Mona Lennon commissioned for Liverpools European City Of Culture bid in 2003 and launched in the House of Commons. It is a funny quirky image representing Liverpool's past, present and future. It symbolised the city's aspirations and captured its spirit and humour.

He went on to produce a series of prints using found imagery that include Liverpool Three Graces, the Liverpool Kiss ( ref Rodins Kiss), Mona Lisa On A Starry Starry Night (ref Van Gogh), and the Mona Lisa with Salvador Dali's Dog and Bone (ref Salvador Dali).


Limited Edition Prints

Urban Abstract 1 - 2002
Urban Abstract 2 - 2002
Urban Abstract 3 - 2002
Urban Abstract 4 - 2002
Distance - 2002
Rodins Kiss (Liverpool Kiss) - 2003
Rider of the Apocalypse - 2003
William Henry (Bradford) - 1978
Mona Lennon - 2003
Mona Lisa and Van Gogh 'Sunflowers' (On A Starry Starry Night) - 2003
Mona Lisa and Salvador Dali's lobster phone - 2009
A Classic Three Graces (Liverpool Three Graces) - 2003
The Look 1 - 2002
The Look 2 - 2002
Steven Gerrard
Wayne's World
Planted Tuba in SeftonPark - Palm House, Liverpool - 2011
Musical Chairs at the Liverpool Philharmonic hall - 2011
Work in Progress - 2012
Violins 'A Little Rusty' - 2011

The Limited Edition Prints (unframed) are available and vary in price. Contact Alex for more information by email or use the contact page.


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The Studio
26 Duke Street
Liverpool L19 2LT

t: 07763 388 509