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Alex's work derives from recycled and reclaimed materials that include drinks cans, old dustbins, scrap metal, and salvaged musical instruments, including brass such as tubas, trombones, trumpets and saxophones.

He has developed a keen interest in putting a fresh spin on the recycling theme exploring the ‘reincarnation' of the materials he uses.

Influenced by Andy Warhol's screen prints of such figures as Marilyn Monroe, he uses the Mona Lisa, Virgin Mary and David Statue on Cola Cans and other found materials to capitalise on the unpredictable and accidental. In the same way that Warhol deliberately exploited the possible mistakes and miss registering of his screen prints.



Crushed Saxaphone, 'Breathless' and 'Scrap' Tuba - 2008
Crushed Trombone 'Out of Breath' - 2008
Locked Horns - 2008
Locked Horns - Liverpool Philharmonic - 2008
Planted Tuba - 2011
Violins 'A little Rusty' Work in progress - 2011
'Musical Chairs' Outside the Liverpool Phil - 2011
Three Legged Quartet - 2009
David Cans - 2003
David Cans (detail) - 2003
Virgin Bin - 2003
Virgin Cola - 2003

Bins and Cans - 2003


David Bins - 2003


Elgin Dustbin - 2003


Virgin Cola Detail - 2003


Binned Mona Lennon

Screwed up Dustbin - 2003

Wasted - 2003

Busted Bin - 2003



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The Studio
26 Duke Street
Liverpool L19 2LT

t: 07763 388 509